You do not use a dryer to dry clothes.

You hang clothes out on the balcony to dry them under the sun. All your clothes are done in just a few hours and you do not have to worry about the dryer ruining them.
你把衣服晾在陽臺上曬干。 所有的衣服都會在幾個小時內全部晾干,你不必擔心烘干機會毀了它們。

You can cook any dish with a pan and a rice cooker.

We do not have ovens and toasters at home. They use a lot of energy and the food they make is not healthy. Besides, a rice cooker and a pan are less time-consuming than an oven. There is no need to buy baking utensils and ingredients, and we do not even have to boil the hot water to cook rice, meat, vegetables, pasta soup, and potatoes.
我們家里通常沒有烤箱和面包機。 這些電器會消耗大量的能源,并且它們做出的食物不健康。 此外,電飯鍋和平底鍋比烤箱更省時。 我們不需要買烘焙用具和材料,我們甚至不需要燒開水來煮米飯、肉、蔬菜、意大利面湯和土豆。

You drink hot water and loose-leaf tea.

You used to drink hot water and herb tea in China to keep your body warm. Now, you have to deal with the frustration of having ice-cold water on a cold December morning.
你在中國常常喝熱水和草藥茶來保暖。 現在,你必須面對在寒冷的十二月早晨喝冰水帶來的挫敗感。

You love to eat stir-fried tomatoes with eggs.

It is the first and the easiest dish you learned to cook, and it tastes delicious.

You prefer to sleep on a hard mattress.

You cannot sleep on soft beds; you even got rid of your soft mattress to sleep instead on the bed frame. You immediately crushed out on your hard bed when you return home.
你不喜歡睡在柔軟的床上,你甚至把軟床墊扔掉睡在床架上。 當你回到家的時候,你立刻就能在你硬硬的床板上睡著。

You recognize fake currency notes.

The first thing you do when you receive RMB50 and RMB100 notes is, to look at them under a bright light and check if the money is real. It is always safe to check them before putting them in your wallet. Sometimes, you are surprised by the number of fake notes you find.
當你收到人民幣50元和100元的鈔票時,你要做的第一件事對著燈光看它們,看看這些錢是不是真的。在把它們放進你的錢包之前,最好先檢查一下。 有時候,你會驚訝于你發現的假鈔的數量。

Wexin and WeChat have become a significant part of your life.

It seems like everyone in China has Wexin and WeChat, just like everyone in the USA has Facebook. You always stay tuned in to updates from your Wexin and WeChat account, even in the middle of important family dinners.
貌似每個中國人都有微信,就像每個美國人都有 Facebook 一樣。 就算是在非常重要的家庭聚餐中,你也總是關注你微信和最新消息。

You are pressured to get married after graduating from university.

If you do not get married by age 30, you are labeled as a leftover, and you will be educated on the importance of establishing a family at every family and friend gathering. You will also preach others who are not married before 30.

You are fed up with the low efficiency of the medical care system in other nations.

In China, you went to the hospital, were seen by doctors, received your diagnosis, and got your medicine. Unless it was life-threatening, the whole process could take as short as 30 minutes. In other countries like Canada, you do not understand why you have to wait in the Emergency Room for three hours for a bad cold.
在中國,你去醫院,看醫生,得到了診斷,拿到了藥。 除非有生命危險,否則整個過程可能只需30分鐘。 在其他國家,比如加拿大,你都不明白為什么因為重感冒要在急診室等三個小時。