To celebrate the upcoming 25th anniversary of the premiere of Friends, Fathom Events will host a three-night theatrical run of 12 iconic episodes of the sitcom, which have been digitally remastered in 4K format from the original 35mm camera negative.

為了慶祝即將到來的《老友記》首播25周年紀念,Fathom Events(北美影院直播內容供應商)將在影院上映三晚這部情景喜劇的經典12集,都是由原版35mm攝影機負片重制的4K數字版。

Over 1,000 movie theaters are expected to participate in the event, called "Friends 25th: The One With the Anniversary."

預計有超過1,000家影院參與放映,此次活動被稱為《Friends 25th: The One With the Anniversary》。

In addition to airing some of the show's most memorable episodes on the big screen, the screenings will also include exclusive interviews and never-before-seen content.


In a statement, Fathom Events CEO Ray Nutt said, "We're thrilled to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Friends, a TV show that continues to impact culture and attract new fans from across generations.

Fathom Events的首席執行官Ray Nutt在聲明中說:“我們很激動能慶?!独嫌延洝?5周年,這部劇會繼續對文化產生影響并吸引不同年齡層的新粉絲。

Fans will have the opportunity to come together and look back on some of the most hilarious and emotional scenes from the acclaimed comedy — this time in theaters."


Warner Bros. Television Group President & Chief Marketing Officer Lisa Gregorian added, "The cultural impact that Friends continues to have, 25 years after its premiere, is astounding, a true testament to the genius of Marta Kauffman, David Crane, Kevin Bright and the incredibly talented cast. It is so amazing to know that the series is still bringing people of all ages together. We could not be more excited to deliver these digitally remastered episodes to theaters — for the first time ever! — so that together, in a shared experience, our loyal fans can enjoy some of their favorite Friends scenes in a new way."

華納兄弟電視公司主席兼市場營銷總監Lisa Gregorian補充說:“《老友記》首次播出25年后依然擁有的文化影響力令人震驚,真的是Marta Kauffman、David Crane、Kevin Bright和極具才干的劇組天賦的證明。知道這部劇仍能把各個年齡段的人聚在一起很不可思議,我們很激動能把這些數字重制劇集帶到影院,這是有史以來第一次!這樣我們忠實的粉絲就能在一起共同分享全新呈現的他們最愛的《老友記》的劇集?!?/div>

Each of the three nights will feature four different episodes, and the schedule is as follows:


Sept. 23 at 7 p.m.: "Pilot -ReDo,""The One With the Black Out,""The One With the Birth," and "The One Where Ross Finds Out."

9月23日晚上7點:《試播集》、《The One With the Black Out》、《The One With the Birth》和《The One Where Ross Finds Out》。

Sept. 28 at 7 p.m.: "The One With the Prom Video,""The One Where No One's Ready,""The One With the Morning After," and "The One With the Embryos."

9月28日晚上7點:《The One With the Prom Video》、《The One Where No One's Ready》、《The One With the Morning After》和《The One With the Embryos》。

Oct. 2 at 7 p.m.: "The One With Chandler in a Box,""The One With Ross's Wedding - Part 2,""The One Where Everyone Finds Out," and "The One Where Ross Got High."

10月2日晚上7點:《The One With Chandler in a Box》、《The One With Ross's Wedding - Part 2》、《The One Where Everyone Finds Out》和《The One Where Ross Got High》。