scrutiny ['skru?t?n?] 

n. 詳細審查;監視



The e-cigarette maker Juul, which bills itself as a way for people to quit smoking, is the subject of a federal investigation, reports the Wall Street Journal.

The U.S. attorney’s office of the Northern District of California is conducting the investigation, which is in its early stages, reports the WSJ, citing an unnamed source. The report didn’t specify the focus of the investigation. Juul is headquartered in San Francisco.

The U.S. Attorney’s office wouldn’t confirm the report and Juul would not comment on it. Nor did Juul respond to Fast Company‘s request for comment.

Juul has come under increased scrutiny from state and federal agencies as vaping has taken off among teenagers and as reports of vaping-related deaths have made headlines. Juul points out that its product contains no THC or vitamin E compounds, ingredients that were found in the products used by many of the vapers who were hospitalized.

The Federal Trade Commission, the Food and Drug Administration, and several state attorneys general are already investigating Juul for its marketing practices, which many believe target younger users. The House Committee on Oversight and Reform held hearings in July on Juul’s role in the youth nicotine epidemic.

In response to the vaping-related deaths, the Trump administration said it has plans to ban more flavored cigarettes.

The maker of Marlboro cigarettes, Altria Group, took a 35% stake in Juul with a $12.8 billion investment last year, at which time Juul was valued at $38 billion.
萬寶路香煙制造商奧馳亞集團去年斥資128億美元收購了Juul 35%的股份,當時Juul的估值為380億美元。



scrutiny ['skru?t?n?] 

n. 詳細審查;監視


His private life came under media scrutiny.

Managers are subject to the scrutiny of specialists.